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Photographer from Billings showcases undiscovered attractions in Montana



Billings, Montana – One Billings photographer is highlighting treasures throughout the state using the technique of light painting, transforming commonplace landmarks into something amazing.

Daniel Kessel, a native of North Dakota, lives for his creativity.

“I’m a creative person, and so finding another outlet to where I could express my creativity and share with others my perspective of the world was really beautiful and I just ate it up,” said Kessel on Thursday.

The two met in Montana seven years ago and fell in love thanks to their mutual love of the arts. Kasandra is now Kessel’s wife.

“Montana’s my home and has been for the last seven years and I love it here,” Kessel said.

Together, they make up the team behind Alienated Productions, which is bringing something a little unique to Magic City.

“When I found out this new, crazy technique called light painting, I just saw there are infinite possibilities with that art form, and it really captured my imagination,” said Kessel.

Wedding and commercial photography are among the services provided by Alienated Productions, but Kessel’s light painting photographs have best captured the grandeur of one particular Billings landmark, the Rims.

“I think this is probably one of the most beautiful areas in Billings,” Kessel said.

It’s a hobby that requires a lot of time and study.

“It takes a lot of legwork and you do have to scout all the nooks and crannies around Billings but there are lots of hidden gems,” said Kessel.

But the art genre is not without its difficulties or critics.

“Some people are really skeptical, and they say, oh you just did that in Photoshop, where it’s obviously all in camera. Some people say it’s not really photography which I don’t understand ‘cuz it’s at its purest form,” Kessel said.

Those doubters push Kessel to stretch his creative abilities, especially given that he is engaged in work he enjoys.

“I just get to kind of unwind, be outside under the stars when it’s generally quiet, the world slows down, and just create art. And I just really enjoy that,” said Kessel.


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