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Results of the annual “Conservation in the West” poll released in public



Great Falls, Montana – There is new information on how residents of western states feel about various laws and issues related to the outdoors.

Results of the 13th annual State of the Rockies project Conservation in the West poll conducted by Colorado College were made public on Wednesday.

The poll’s topics included public lands, water conservation, and wildlife protection.

Overall, the study revealed that there is still considerable support for conservation.

When asked what is an extremely or very serious concern in the state of Montana specifically, 83% of the inhabitants responded that the high cost of housing.

Moreover, 37% mentioned a lack of access to water, 56% said a drought, 46% mentioned low river levels, and 49% mentioned the high cost of gas.

Residents of Montana were asked about issues and policies in their states and the West, together with citizens of the other eight western states.

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