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Seventh grader with damaged ankle hit by automobile while riding a bike to school



Billings, Montana – A seventh-grader was biking to school when he was struck by a car.

Louis Toth was struck by an automobile while commuting to Will James Middle School on his bicycle. The incident took place near the junction of Patricia Lane and Poly Drive.

“This car, the dude in the car, was looking in one direction,” Louis said. “He was going to turn in the other direction. But then, he turned into me and knocked me down. Smashed my ankle in.”

“At first, it hurt, like a little sting,” Louis continued. “Then, it got worse and worse.”

The car had four doors and was silver, according to Louis. A gray-haired man in a plaid shirt served as the driver.

“He rolled down his window and asked me if I was okay,” Louis said. “I grabbed my bike and he left.”

“I said I was okay, but I didn’t really know what to do,” Louis continued.

Louis traveled more than a mile on foot to get to school. His parents were notified by the office when he arrived, and they transported him to the ER.

“At the ER, they took x-rays,” Louis’ father Dusty Toth said. “They said it was strained, sprained, but possibly could be a fracture of the growth plate, so he’s got a referral to ortho to look at that.”

According to Billings Police Department Lt. Lennick, this accident would be classified as a hit-and-run.

“Yeah, it’s a hit and run crash,” Lt. Lennick said. “By state statute you have to report crashes, especially with injury. If we found the suspect, or this driver, if we identify who it is, there would be some traffic citations that would be issued for ‘fail to report,’ ‘fail to remain on the scene,’ that kind of stuff. It’s all misdemeanor. All dealt with in our municipal court.”

“The weather is getting nice and kids are walking to school and biking to school,” Lt. Lennick continued. “They’re going to be out of school in a month. There’s that increased presence of kids. Whether they’re in a bike lane, or in a crosswalk or not, it’s still important that we as commuters and as drivers do our due diligence and keep them safe.”


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