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Sharks might soon appear in the water of Montana



Montana – Shark Week is a big deal on Discovery Channel every year. Big teeth and blood in the water for a full week was all there was. I’m grateful that I live so far from shark-infested water every year that I watch Shark Week. That is until I learned today that sharks might exist in Montana.

Don’t lose your cool just yet. In Montana, shark sightings have never occurred. However, it’s not entirely impossible. In fact, sharks have just lately been found washed ashore in Idaho along the Salmon River.

“Yesterday, the Idaho Department of Fish & Game (IDFG) announced a “shocking discovery” on the shores of the Salmon River near the town of Riggins in the western part of the state. IDFG fisheries biologist Joe DuPont shared photos of what appears to be a dead salmon shark—a saltwater species with a home range well over 1,000 miles from the Gem State. It’s not clear how long the shark might have been there or how it ended up in the Salmon River before IDFG removed it.”

Some individuals speculate that this might be a sophisticated practical joke. But what if this shark actually entered the Salmon River? What prevents further sharks from moving upriver? perhaps traveling from the ocean all the way up to other Salmon River tributaries of the Columbia River. finding their way into the waters of Montana eventually.

I wouldn’t be surprised if sharks landed up in Montana given the latest reports of aliens and UFOs being confined to existence. Being alive at this moment is crazy. That much is true.

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