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The awareness ride, Ride for Their Lives, is back



Billings, Montana – For several hours, the Magic City’s streets were completely packed with cyclists riding in unison for a worthy cause.

The only ride in the state, Ride for their Lives is an annual event in Billings that is organized by multiple local organizations.

Magic City residents are riding together to raise awareness of the dangers of climate change on our children, making this one-of-a-kind state event anything from lonely.

Chairperson for the Montana Health Professionals for a Healthy Climate, Dr. Lori Byron, and pediatrician at St. Vincent Healthcare says that kids are “more affected than us, they are going to live through these eras longer than we are. And they are very worried about it. About 80% of the kids in the world are significantly worried about climate change.”

According to Byron, trips like this and widespread public participation are exactly what this movement needs to accelerate.

Dr. Byron says “We want to get people talking about it and we want to get people acting in their communities and healthcare people are pretty trusted in this society, they are good people to get involved.”

The journey also aimed to show off several possibilities for people who care about the environment.

Such as electric vehicle charging stations.

And highlighted just how accessible alternative modes of transportation like biking can be in Billings.

The ride for their life this year has been postponed, but according to Billings TrailNet, you may still help them fight climate change by making thoughtful decisions about more environmentally friendly modes of transportation.


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