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The movie “Murder in Big Horn” screened for free at the Babcock Theater in downtown Billings



Billings, Montana – The Babcock Theater hosted a free showing of the three-part documentary “Murder in Big Horn” on Saturday afternoon for the residents of Billings.

The documentary series, helmed by Razelle Benally and Mathew Galkin, chronicles the murder and disappearance of indigenous women, as well as the hardships their families and friends have had in trying to bring about justice for their loved ones.

The series’ influence and significance for the local native and non-native populations were discussed by the organizers. Ta’jin Perez, Western Native Voices’ deputy director, said the movie will force audiences to confront the truths of little-discussed issues.

“We are really excited to have this in billings especially as the film goes over this is a major area where traffic is involved, where people go missing, and where indigenous people are often mistreated and often relegated to second-class citizens, so it’s incredibly important not just for the context for what we have going on in the country and in the state. but specifically in this area.”

According to Perez, it’s critical to continue talking about the disappearing indigenous people at both the state and municipal level of policy as well as in local communities.

With a subscription, you can watch “Murder in Big Horn” on streaming sites like Hulu, Showtime, and Amazon Prime.

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