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The Recruit and Retain Act might enable additional law enforcement in Montana



Billings, Montana – Law enforcement is one of many sectors where hiring new employees is difficult. Bipartisan legislation known as the Recruit and Retain Act is being worked on Capitol Hill and is intended to help police enforcement agencies around the nation hire more officers and retain them.

A fund of $3 million for a new Pipeline Recruiting Program is one of the primary advantages. It would make it possible for educational institutions to work with law enforcement organizations to inspire children to give back to their communities and make the proper connections.

A Pipeline Recruiting Program for younger people, according to Lt. Matt Lennick of the Billings Police Department, would be very beneficial because it might provide them the opportunity to get experience before they are hired, which might help with retention concerns.

“Definitely giving that younger group a taste of what’s going on or maybe just some real education about what is behind the scenes, because I feel like there’s a big disconnect from the public of what they think police do and what we actually do every day and so trying to close that gap would be very beneficial in the recruitment process.” Said Lt. Lennick.

Although there are fewer suitable applicants now, Lt. Lennick said they still have enough recruits to complete the process. He claims that burnout is partly to blame for the ongoing retention problem at the Billings Police Department.

“As crime continues to rise or be more violent, our jail issues and some of the guys are frustrated about not being able to take people that they feel are a danger to the community and put them somewhere and it’s very frustrating to be dealing with someone that you know and you’re not very comfortable with them being in your community, but you have no legal recourse to take them out right, there’s nowhere for you to put them.” Lt. Lennick said.

Lt. Lennick is hopeful that if the bill is approved, it would benefit the Billings Police Department.

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