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Traffic updates for the Yellowstone International Air Show



Billings, Montana – This weekend, the Blue Angels are returning to the Magic City after a 23-year absence, and the public’s top concern is the traffic management strategy.

According to Billings Police Department Sergeant Jeff Stovall, they have developed a very detailed strategy to ensure that everyone enters and exits the area without incident. They anticipate that up to 30,000 people will attend the air show this weekend.

From 3 PM to 6 PM, Highway 3 will be closed to all vehicular traffic from Zimmerman Trail all the way to Main Street in the Heights.

As a result, when the air show is finished, all lanes of traffic can be utilized as departure lanes for spectators.

Those of you who have already purchased air show tickets ought to have received an email containing your parking pass. The location in the parking lot and the exit direction are indicated by the color of your parking pass.

You can leave the blue general admission lot by traveling west on Highway 3 and then south on Zimmerman Trail.

You will leave by traveling eastbound on Highway 3 if you are in the green general admission lot, the pink ADA-accessible parking, or the red VIP lot.

According to Stg. Stovall, visitors can leave the air show grounds whenever they choose, but during this three-hour period, cars can only leave this area and cannot come back.

“So, exiting the event we are going to have that closed down for traffic control with the high volume of vehicles we are going to have that’s going to be the most efficient way we can get vehicles out and the quickest way we can get them out of there.” Said Stg. Stovall.

This also applies to those who reside in the affected residential areas along Highway 3.

According to Stg. Stovall, they are aware that it may cause some trouble, but they must maintain traffic flow because both lanes will be used to leave the region.

“We understand there are folks that do live up there, we have condensed this down to a three-hour window and given some forewarning as far as what’s going on. Again they can leave their homes and they can jump in the west-bound lanes and then be sent southbound on Zimmerman trail they just won’t be allowed back against traffic and it’s not just them, it’s the entire general public and again that’s for the safety and security and to make it most efficient to exit to such a large scale event.” Stg. Stovall.

Additionally, according to Sgt. Stovall, shuttles will transport visitors from their separate parking lots to and from the venue entrance gates.

According to him, the department is hoping that this strategy would assist keep traffic flowing easily and ensure that the entire air show experience is joyful.

Above all, the Sergeant requests that individuals pack their patience and be ready to wait a short while before departing.

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