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W.R.S. introduces children to livestock exhibits



Billings, Montana – The fifth annual Western Ranch Spectacular began on Sunday morning.

The Spectacular, hosted by Western Ranch Suppl, aims to give children the opportunity to present their lambs, goats, pigs, and steers to be judged by specialists.

However, Shayne Vandivort, a key organizer for the Spectacular, explains that the event goes beyond the showcase.

Vandivort says ” the things that this project really teaches young kids is the work that goes into it at home. I mean these kids haven’t just been working with these animals today. They’ve been doing this for two or three weeks now to get them prepared to come to this show and be ready to go.”

He goes on to say that “it gets kids out of bed. It gives them the responsibility to feed and do their chores. These are the types of kids that western ranch supply are looking to hire cuz they’re good hard-working kids and they put in a lot of time and effort to their projects.”

The Western Ranch Spectacular is referred to as a jackpot show in two ways: it changes for contestants’ ages ranging from 8 to 18, and Vandivort explains that they are jackpotting entry money back to the victors.

And this is only the beginning of the show season.

There will be shows throughout the summer in Yellowstone County and around Montana, but Vandivort says the cattle sales and competitions at the Montana Fair are what they have been preparing for and are looking forward to in August.

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