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A center for children’s mental health is getting ready to open



Billings, Montana – A brand-new facility will provide children with a place to play and receive a range of essential mental health treatments in a welcoming, nonthreatening setting.

The establishment of locations where people can go to receive the assistance they require has been the focus of years of hard effort by Little Legends Therapy and Elysian Mental Health.

And right now, they’re concentrating their efforts on assisting some of the patients who are most at risk: children.

The two organizations are getting ready to launch a new pediatric clinic that will meet the needs of its young patients in terms of both physical and emotional health.

Elysian Mental Health’s creator claims that there are various reasons why they are concentrating on children.

Founder Julie Wulfekuhle says that “unfortunately there are a lot of kids in foster care and ward of the state, and they definitely need a lot of specialized care. So, we are seeing overall allot of stressors in kids with school, ADHD, we’re seeing a lot of autism children coming through and the biggest problem is there’s not enough providers in the country, let alone Montana and so everybody has a waitlist and there’s not a lot of providers who specialize with children. There are a lot with adults but not with our younger clients and so that was part of our goal was to really target that population.”

With assistance from Elysian’s partner, Little Legends, the new institution will provide a range of services like art, play, and mental health therapy as well as cognitive behavioral and occupational therapy.

The occupational therapist for Little Legends Therapy, Dr. Josi Gibbs talked about the collaboration and says that “being able to offer our services paired with mental health and really getting down to the root cause of what is causing those deficits in attention or behavior and just having that two-pronged approve with mental health and us is more like regulatory it’s been really beneficial.”

She went on to say that “you just see kids’ kind of learning that the way that they learn may be a little bit different but that doesn’t mean there’s anything wrong with it. “

The new facility will offer a variety of services including art, play, and mental health therapy along with cognitive behavioral and occupational therapy with the help of Elysian’s partner, Little Legends.

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