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After the flooding last weekend, the carpet and flooring firm in Billings is incredibly busy



Billings, Montana – Businesses like The Carpet Garage Flooring Center are busier than ever as residents work to reconstruct their damaged homes in the wake of Billings’ severe flooding over the weekend.

Tom Certalic, a flooring expert, anticipated a busy week but was nonetheless taken aback by the volume of calls.

“It’s ramping and it’s just starting to accelerate,” said Certalic at The Carpet Garage on Saturday.

He collaborates with builders, homeowners, and businesses that provide catastrophe relief.

“We had a huge influx of those guys calling us saying we need this, we need this, and we can use it yesterday,” Certalic said.

He claimed that it was comparable to what they went through with Red Lodge last summer.

“I think with Red Lodge, there was all kinds of damage, but you just don’t have the populous of people like you do here. So, with the populous of people that you’re dealing with, we’re seeing a lot more,” said Certalic.

According to Certalic, many of his clients are dissatisfied and seeking change.

“We’re finding is a lot of people are getting away from carpet ‘cuz they’re frustrated dealing with water and things like that. But also ‘cuz people like the easy clean of new LVPS,” Certalic said.

He claimed that many locals are now switching to luxury vinyl planking in an effort to prevent the issues that water-damaged carpets may cause, such as mold.

“It’s dry enough here most of the time, I don’t think we really have to worry about it, but you still don’t want to mess with it too much,” said Billings resident Damon Ratcliff.

Ratcliff visited the Carpet Garage in an effort to solve the issue after his basement flooded last weekend.

“We got leaky pipes before but not from high water,” Ratcliff said.

Certalic further mentioned that, despite their workload, the Carpet Garage staff is happy to assist.

“The influx is going to put some pressure on, making sure we keep our schedules. Our installers are already out a little ways, so what it comes down to is getting it done timely so people don’t have mold and they can find relief,” said Certalic.


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