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Anaconda sees an increase in employment and an expansion of the economy



Anaconda, Montana – The construction of a sizable Murdoch’s shop in Anaconda is simply the most recent illustration of the economic expansion taking place in Smelter City.

“For so many years our county was heading the wrong way. Trying to stabilize it was the first step, but now to see this growth is really rewarding,” said Anaconda Chief Executive Bill Everett.

According to a report from the Montana Department of Labor, 270 more jobs were added to the workforce in Anaconda-Deer Lodge County in 2022 than in the previous year. The Superfund cleanup and the $24 million settlement from Atlantic Richfield Co. are credited by the CEO for helping the economy.

“We did all our infrastructure, water, sewer, our streets, our street lights, got rid of the blight, now have a very attractive community that people wanting to be a part of,” said Everett.

The $10 million Forge Hotel was recently built, and Murdoch’s shop will soon follow. These are recent significant projects. At least two further significant industries intend to start construction in Anaconda.

“Each one of those will be in excess of 50 jobs per facility, and those are all high-paying jobs with great benefit packages,” the chief executive said.

Local entrepreneurs claim that Anaconda’s economy has improved.

“It’s been lots of new businesses showing up around here, people walking the streets now, so it’s changed a lot in the last year or two,” said Coffee Corral owner Kim Jones.

The city is aiming to build more housing in its 10,000-person county to keep up with job growth.

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