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Atomic Circus promotes young people to be enthusiastic about professions in STEM fields



Billings, Montana – The National Institute of General Medical Sciences and Montana State University Billings presented the fourth annual Atomic Circus on Saturday afternoon for parents and children to enjoy.

Numerous entertaining, interactive performances about various areas of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics are featured at the event.

Atomic Circus is a multi-part event that includes both a hands-on workshop for children and a live performance by MSUB professors. Doctors Daniel Willems and Matt Queen, assistant professors, said the show is all about igniting children’s interest at a young age to prepare them for success in the future.

“These kids, even in 5th grade, are looking for where they are going to go next and you give them that idea and you plant that seed and you know if you have 1,800 5th graders here and five percent of them follow you, that’s a huge number,” said Dr. Willems

Dr. Matt Queen added, “Just being on a campus and letting them realize that college isn’t this totally scary thing, but it’s a really cool place where you can learn really neat stuff.”


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