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Before setting out on the ice, seminars assist ice fishermen learn about safety and equipment



Kalispell, Montana – In families all around Montana, ice fishing is a tradition. Although it is enjoyable to venture outside and experience the winter in Montana, there are many things you should know before going to the lake.

“Safety is so important when it comes to ice fishing or anything outdoors. You owe it to yourself and your family to take the time and think about it and prepare,” said Robert Hickey, a professional fisherman.

A free approach to learning everything you need to know about fishing is to attend safety and equipment seminars, like the one presented at Snappy’s Sport Senter in Kalispell.

“I think it’s important because it helps educate the community. Also, you know, Montana has awesome resources, starting with its water tributaries. It’s there for our users. It’s Montanan’s and that’s what it’s there for, and we should utilize it as much as we can,” said Hickey.

The thickness of the ice is the main source of safety concerns when ice fishing. Fishermen can verify the ice conditions before venturing out using online tools and local fishing stores.

“If you’re going with the family, most importantly make sure they’re going to be comfortable and warm. Fishing can be as competitive as you want it to be. But most importantly make it fun for everybody in the family and enjoy it. Whether you’re out there making snowman or having snowball fights or whatever it is, have fun out there and enjoy,” said Hickey.

Even in the winter, fishing is a wonderful family activity that may get kids interested in being outside.

“My favorite part of fishing is you can catch fish and you can keep them you can eat them, or you can let it go. I mean you can catch a big fish, and you can catch a big fish and let it go. It’s fun to get some big fish,” said Fritz Anderson, a young fisherman.

Even though it can be a serious sport, fishing occasionally is just about the bite.

“I do not discriminate against any fish that wants to bite my line,” said Hickey.


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