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Big Sky’s newest secondhand shop offers reasonably priced products



Big Sky, Montana – A brand-new secondhand shop in Big Sky offers reasonably priced products and clothing in a region where there is a substantial income gap.

The Yellowstone Club Community Foundation’s Big Sky Thrift, which debuted in December, carries everything from dishes and decorations to ski and snowboard equipment.

According to Emily Burke, associate director of programming for the Yellowstone Club Community Foundation, the public has already shown the store a ton of support. Burke, who is in charge of the store, claims that they often have customers and receive a ton of donations.

A second-hand store in the neighborhood has been in great demand, based on the sales they are generating.

“Business has been so busy, we are so happy. We’ve had incredible donations, we have awesome volunteers and we have a line out the door almost every day to get in to come treasure hunting,” she said.

Inequality in income has been a problem for the people of Big Sky. In Big Sky, a house often costs above $2 million. Additionally, winter clothing like coats and boots can be very costly. Burke said Big Sky Thrift exists to lessen some of that financial pressure and let clients’ money go a little further.

The Big Sky neighborhood will benefit from the thrift store’s profits. Burke said the charity hoped to use those funds this summer to launch its first round of grants.

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