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Billings man celebrating Disability Pride Month



Billings, Montana – The Americans with Disabilities Act, a significant civil rights statute that shields people with disabilities from discrimination in a number of contexts, will celebrate its 33rd anniversary in July.

Although Mitch Bohn was not yet born when the ADA was passed in 1990, he is aware of its significance.

“A lot of times disabilities fall through the cracks with a lot of things,” he says.

Bohn travels in a wheelchair, which occasionally makes him slower but hardly ever stops him.

“I think it’s important to put disabilities on the forefront to raise awareness about all the disabilities but also all the cool things that people with disabilities can and are doing,” he says.

He has been engaging in some impressive activities. He produces his own sports podcast, is a public address announcer for the Billings Royals Legion baseball team, and works as an intern on the “Kickin’ it with Leif” show at a nearby radio station. He is an avid sports lover.

“The stigma that not every disabled person that is physically disabled is mentally disabled is a stigma that we have,” Bohn says.

Even though the ADA has significantly improved the lives of people with disabilities—not just those with noticeable ones—there are still difficulties.

“There are places that have public access that still are not really handicapped accessible, so the doorways are a little tight for a wheelchair. They have a ramp up, but it is such a steep ramp up that myself, I can’t get up it. I need help to get up it,” Bohn said.

Vice President Kamala Harris stated at the White House that there is still work to be done, particularly when it comes to hiring and transportation, during a roundtable this week to commemorate Disability Pride Month, which marks the passing of the ADA.

“A majority of domestic flights still have no accessible restrooms,” she said.

“We’ve made a lot of strides as a country but there is still a lot of room for improvement,” Bohn says.

Despite the progress he observes, there is one more thing he wants people to keep in mind whenever they come across a disabled person.

“I think just that we are people. You can talk to us. You can invite us out to do things. You can include is in your jobs. We are just people. we like to be talked to. We like to be included. I think that is the biggest thing,” he says.


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