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Billings West student gives the Food Insecurity Program of SD 2 370 boxes of Graham Crackers



Billings, Montana – Fifteen-year-old Since she was six years old, Finnley Bergeson has gathered money and given food, as well as other items like books and winter clothing, to individuals in need.

Finnley began a neighborhood Graham Cracker Drive for the SD’2 Meal Kits Program in March of this year. She was able to collect 370 boxes of Graham Crackers and $150 to purchase other goods for the food kits with a little assistance from her neighbors, friends, and even those from out of state.

She said the effort is about recognizing the need in her community and helping those less fortunate in any way she can. “I love just volunteering any way I can, so I have also done things I have not organized myself like I have helped give Thanksgiving meals through the food banks, I help my mom a lot through St. Vincent’s Health Care doing all of her events, and my friend and I have also done call for kids through the schools were we raise money for sick and injured kids in the hospital,” said Bergeson.

The graham crackers will be prepared for the End-of-Year Food Kits, which will be distributed to children in the Billings neighborhood who are experiencing food insecurity, on Monday morning.

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