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Civil Air Patrol’s Beartooth Composite Squadron teaches young cadets to fly



Billings, Montana – 99% of all small aircraft rescues in the country are carried out by the Civil Air Patrol, a nonprofit organization that offers cadet training and aerospace education.

The Brigadier General Billy Mitchell Award will be given to young cadets who successfully complete the curriculum and earn the rank of Cadet Second Lieutenant.

Gavin Woods, a 16-year-old Cadet Technical Sergeant who started the program four years ago, said he intends to join the Air Force like his elder brother.

“This is a really good way because if you reach your Billy Mitchell award you will actually enter into with an E3 instead of just the regular ranks and it gives you an edge, higher payroll as well.” Said Cadet Tech. Sergeant Woods.

The Skewis brothers claimed that in addition to giving them practical learning experience, the cadet program will equip them to be successful military personnel.

“In the Civil Air Patrol, you get a lot of emergency services training like first aid and CPR and you get survival training as well.” Said Cadet Airman Ian Skewis.

His younger brother Cadet Airmen, Henry Skewis added, “there’s a lot of opportunity you get like learning how to fly an airplane and other learning curves like how to rescue people.”

Although it may not be common for someone his age to do so, cadet Ian Skewis claimed that it is better than summer school.

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