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Family from Lodge Grass struggles with the aftermath of fatal car crash



Lodge Grass, Montana – Icy roads caused a devastating vehicle accident about a month ago, and now the family involved is coping with the financial weight and grief of losing one of their own.

Many people adored Mandale Spotted Horse, but on November 10th, at the age of 41, he lost his life in a horrible car accident along with his son Devin and granddaughter.

“They told me he was gone, and pretty much essentially all I remember after that, is that I woke up in a hospital after that,” Spotted Horse said. “Seeing my dad slumped over, and trying to wake him up was hard.”

Devin’s two-year-old daughter flew from the back seat and slammed against the windshield, knocking her out cold, when the car collided head-on with a truck. Thankfully, she was able to live.

“They tried to do CPR and what not, but that didn’t work,” Spotted Horse said. “They got frantic. I don’t want to say the CPR didn’t work, I don’t want to say none of that, but after I said a quick prayer for her, that’s when she got her breath back.”

Despite the devastating loss of Mandale, the family is grateful that none of the other three lives were lost that day. David Blaine, Mandale’s brother, claimed that he has been attempting to tell Devin that his father would be pleased with their continued existence.

“I had to explain to him, that if anything, this is probably what his dad would’ve wanted because my brother was this hero all my life,” Blaine said.

In an effort to lessen the family’s financial load, Blaine has taken it upon himself to set up a gofundme page.

“I just took it upon myself to step in as the dad, and I think any other brother would do that,” Blaine said.

It’s a family that has suffered horrific loss and is making an effort to preserve Mandale’s memory and the legacy of his life.

“He meant the world to me,” Blaine said. “He was a hero, and man he was the go-to. Very loving man.”

He is grateful to have had a father who helped him become the guy he is today for his son.

“He led by example,” Spotted Horse said. “Everything he did and how he was as a person rubbed off on how me and my siblings are. If he hadn’t led by example like that, I don’t think I’d be the father I am without him.”