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Family hopes to find their cat after leaving Bozeman



Bozeman, Montana – Imagine having to leave your family pet behind in addition to packing up and moving. The Fenlason family, who could no longer afford to stay in Bozeman, experienced just that.

“It was hard, but I think it was even harder for Samara,” said Diane Fenlason. Her husband, daughter, and their cat Tiger were living in a rental house in Bozeman before they fell victim to the housing market.

“They decided they wanted to sell so they gave us our notice that we needed to move,” said Diane Fenlason.

As a photographer, Diane had to say goodbye to the clients she had gotten to know so well over the years because her husband was born and raised in the valley. In Bozeman, they intended to find a new house, but they were unable to find anything within their price range.

“We couldn’t afford to live there anymore,” said Fenlason. “It’s sad to see so many people who love the valley have to leave because of the price of real estate.”

The Fenlasons left their cat, “Tiger,” with a foster family for a few months while they were relocating.

“We thought we had everything prepared,” said Fenlason.

They learned that Tiger had escaped at this point. He left in the latter part of July.

She claims that while they were away, Tiger’s foster parents put up flyers and actively looked for him.

“They even caught him on a webcam. He left one out just to see if Tiger would come around if we sat his belongings outside,” said Fenlason.

But Tiger hasn’t arrived back yet.

The Fenlasons are encouraging anyone who has seen Tiger to bring him to Heart of the Valley and are giving a reward to anyone who can identify him.