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Home ownership is now more accessible to working families



Bozeman, Montana – For almost five years, John Meyer’s family resided in a rental in Bozeman. They thought it was time to find something for themselves at last. They discovered a house that they can call their own in a brand-new neighborhood on the north side of Bozeman.

“My wife actually decided that we need to move into our own house. I thought there’s no way that we can ever afford to live in Bozeman,” says Meyer.

Rex and Wylie are twin sons that John, and his wife Amanda, and they are settling into their new house. Meyer wouldn’t have believed you if you had told him a year ago that he would one day buy his own home.

“Trying to find a house that’s big enough to fit four people and affordable is virtually impossible,” says Meyer.

All of that changed when they filed for a home at Bridger View, a subdivision that offers houses for sale for less than half the going rate.

“Like we hit the lottery, I mean, there’s no other way to explain,” says Meyer.

The organization that assists people in obtaining below-market-rate housing is called Headwater Community Housing Trust, and Courtney Naumann is in charge of stewardship.

“It was always intended to be a mixed-income neighborhood and to incorporate some level of affordability into the space also,” says Naumann.

She claims that families like the Meyers who work in Bozeman but can’t afford Bozeman pricing are the target market for the development.

“Folks that can’t afford prices where they are right now at market rate, but who make middle-income salaries and don’t have other options,” says Naumann.

The family now has a spot of their own where they can play together because their home is festively adorned and has plenty of toys.

“I never thought in my wildest dreams that I’d be living this life. I’m really grateful for everything we’ve been given,” says Meyer.

It’s anticipated that the area will be fully developed by the fall of next year.