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Horror play presented on stage by Anaconda theatrical troupe



Anaconda, Montana – The Anaconda Ensemble Theater has a real surprise for you this almost Halloween: a live horror play.

“The play is incredible. I love horror as a genre and it’s very niche to do it on stage, it’s not done on stage very often, sort of difficult to do,” said director Blane Pressler.

“The Margins” is a one-act play written by David Skeele about paranormal investigators conducting an experiment in an old mansion.

New Yorker Pressler noted that bringing terror to the stage is an intriguing challenge.

“Commitment of the actors is the biggest thing you need, you need actors that are going to go there emotionally, they’re going to scream as loud as they can and give you the jumps,” said Pressler.

Butte actor Caleb Hill added, “There’s so much going on all at once, especially when you get to the scary part, there’s a lot going on all at once so you have to be on your cues at all times.”

Professional and amateur performers committed to putting on a fantastic show make up the cast.

“We’re on the ball, everybody has amazing attitudes, shows up prepared by rehearsals, there’s no ego which is so rare,” said actress Tashia Gates.

Born in Anaconda, Gates has spent the last ten years acting in Los Angeles.

She was temporarily unemployed as a result of the actors’ strike and some canceled productions.

“As an artist, there’s always going to be an obstacle. I mean, there’s always going to be, so I firmly believe and what personally keeps me going is always staying creative, I’m just so blessed that the opportunity came like this in a play, never done it before with these amazing people in my hometown,” she said.

Events take place in the Tammany Ballroom, located at 200 Main Street in Anaconda, from October 13 through October 15, and from October 20 through October 22, 2023, at 7 p.m. $20 gets you in.

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