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Independent Elementary School teacher recognized by ‘One Class at a Time’



Billings, Montana – Q2, the Education Foundation for Billings Public Schools, City Brew Coffee, and Western Security Bank have partnered for “One Class at a Time.” Teachers that go above and above to assist their kids are recognized by the program.

Let me introduce you to Jurell Lindford, a second-grade teacher who has done a wonderful job creating a nurturing environment for his children.

“It’s just important at this age in their school life to really create a positive environment and a love for learning,” said Mr. Linford. “And if they have that confidence and that love for learning going forward, you really set the building blocks for the rest of their school career. Most things are new for these kids. All the cool new experiments for science that we’ve seen a whole bunch of times, that’s all new for them. You know, having turkeys hatch in the classroom and snakes and whatever else we can get our hands on for science, this is all new for them.”

And as they advance to the following level, what wishes does he have for his students?

“You know, I hope they just take their love for learning and passion for learning new things. Take their creativity, their individualism and try to build confidence and instill that in every one of the students before they leave this room.”

Mr. Lindford received a $500 grant from Western Security Bank and a $150 gift card from City Brew Coffee in recognition of his efforts to foster a positive learning environment for his kids. Congratulations!

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