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Billings Logan Airport Rescue Firefighters attend live fire training



Billings, Montana – Billings Logan International Airport held its yearly live fire training on Thursday in order to be in line with FAA requirements.

Paul Totton, the Supervisor of Airport Rescue Firefighting, claims that exercises like these aid firemen in getting ready for accidents that may involve planes.

“We have 15 certified firefighters in the airport and every one of them has to go through these sets of drills. Tonight, the drills we will be doing will all be on handline. So, we will have several small fires. We want to be able to these where firefighters have a chance to do what we call the full evolution—to be able to deploy the hose, stretch it, charge at the line, and actually put water on the fire,” added Totton.

Additionally, he added that the live firing training occurs twice a year and usually lasts for an hour and a half.

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