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Billings Public Works welcomes visitors to its facilities



Billings, Montana – Although you might not want to consider what happens after you use the restroom or throw out your trash, some people are actually paid to consider these things. This week, the public was encouraged to learn more about what these folks do for our community.

This week, the City of Billings Public Works allowed members of the public to take tours of some of their facilities to learn more about who and how the Magic City is maintained.

Informational stops, demonstrations, activities, and even snacks are included in the excursions.

The Billings Water Reclamation Facility was open to the public for tours on Thursday and the landfill facilities on Tuesday.

Public Works, however, hopes that visitors will leave with more than simply a good time.

Louis Engels, the Billings W.R.F.’s Water Quality Superintendent, also explains why it’s critical that people understand what goes on in his line of work.

Engels says that “a lot of this is behind the scenes most people don’t want to think about what happens when they flush their toilet but we have some very very dedicated staff, so I think the biggest things are the trust and the understanding of there’s 500 miles of sewer pipe that we have to maintain and 500 miles of water pipe and just thinking about— that’s about the distance from here to Denver. So, thinking about the scope of what it takes to run a city is what I hope people take out of this.”

Visitors got to see how Billings water is recycled and returned up close during the tour and even have a chance to touch some of the machinery utilized every day in the Magic City.

Staff members were posted all over the building to answer inquiries about their positions and how their efforts contribute to a community that is cleaner, safer, and ultimately happier.

Through these open houses, Billings Public Works intends to help the public develop a better knowledge of and respect for those who dedicate their lives to serving their town.

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