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Trû North Café reopens following storefront repairs



Livingston, Montana – After being closed for over two weeks so that repairs could be made, Trû North Café will reopen on Friday.

In February, a woman unintentionally pulled her car forward, resulting in a collision that damaged the shop. Since the accident, the café has been able to remain open. James Langteaux, the proprietor of Trû North, claimed that fortunately, no windows were broken and no one was wounded.

At first glance, the damage seemed to be minor and would just require minor repairs. That, however, was not the case.

“It looked like it wasn’t that big of a deal, but when the contractor came in, they realized there was structural damage, the windows were so old they had to actually put all new windows in and all new doors,” Langteaux said. “It actually worked out to be a really nice upgrade.”

The building was finished by the Basecamp building on Thursday, and the café is now open.

According to Langteaux, he is eager to reopen the doors, serve tasty meals and beverages, and play enjoyable music.

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