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Investigation on the noose seen in Billings



Billings, Montana – A member of the Lyle Lovett tour band found a noose this past weekend in Billings, and now the city’s authorities are speaking out against hate speech.

Four of the tour band’s members are black, and one of the firm employees supervising it discovered the item and reported it to the authorities.

The anonymous person who reported it claims that it communicates a threatening message.

The noose, which was discovered over the weekend on a light pole in the 2600 block of First Avenue North next to the DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel, is being looked into by Billings police.

After one of the band members submitted this image to the authorities because they felt it threatened the band’s black members, it quickly gained popularity on social media.

Mayor Bill Cole of Billings, Montana, declared during a Monday City Council meeting that the community rejects any expressions of hatred and their symbols.

The city should take this specific action, according to Cherilyn Devrees of the Montana Human Rights Network.

“The best thing to do is for community leaders and for community members to pull together and say this doesn’t belong in our town,” she said.

The hotel’s surveillance system was down for maintenance when Billings police requested it, according to a police report.

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