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Late Colstrip teenage acts as a protector angel for families with medical needs thanks to NGO



Billings, Montana – Sydney Hedges, 17, who passed away from brain cancer, had stated her intention to create a nonprofit organization and assist others. Six years after her passing, Syd’s Wish, a nonprofit that has aided nearly 50 families in the area, is now carrying on the Colstrip teen’s legacy.

Find the positive in every day. Even as a little child with cancer, Hedges would say that.

“It’s been six years and I’m still emotional and crying talking about her cause she was so special to all of us,” said Syd’s Wish board member Kinslee Todd at Pioneer Park on Sunday.

When Hedges first displayed signs of a stroke at age 11 in Colstrip, Todd and fellow board member Sydney Craig were there.

“They life-flighted her to Billings. Found a tumor, it’s really emotional. It was the first night I ever prayed that she would be okay,” Todd said.

Glioblastoma, a kind of brain cancer, was identified in Hedges. Before passing away from cancer at the age of 17, she experienced two periods of remission.

“Her mom Angie found a list of things that she wanted to do in her room. And it ranged from throwing her dad a surprise 50th birthday party and the biggest thing on there was to start a nonprofit to continue to help people,” said Todd.

Angie Hedges actually carried out the action. In 2018, she founded Syd’s Wish, a charity organization that has since assisted families of kids and teenagers dealing with medical issues.

“Syd is our guardian angel, huh? We never knew Syd. We never met Syd, but we feel like we know her through everybody at Syd’s Wish,” said Belfry resident Tura Webb, grandmother of Matty Webb.

One of the 47 families Syd’s Wish has helped is the Webb family. When he was just three years old, Matty Webb, now five, received a diagnosis of acute lymphoblastic leukemia.

“It has been a very rough journey,” said Matty’s mom, Estaleda Webb.

The Webbs, who reside in Belfry, have been traveling between Denver and Billings for hospital visits, but it is expensive because to transportation, meals, and other expenses.

“Things got really tight. It was right after we came back from Denver so our bank was pretty much drained,” said Estaleda and Tura.

When a friend of a friend messaged Tura on Facebook, she was taken aback. Angie Hedges offered any assistance Syd’s Wish might provide in the message.

“And she got a hold of us, and we had a check just a couple of days later and we were able to pay our bills in advance,” Tura said.

The Webbs received two checks from Syd’s Wish to make sure they could thrive while Matty was receiving treatment.

One organization is dedicated to finding the positive in every day while also saving lives.

“He knows Syd’s his angel who watches him from heaven. He knows he’s protected, that she protects him and everything’s going to be okay,” said Tura.

Syd’s Wish recently hosted its annual fundraiser in Colstrip, but it is constantly in need of financial support to assist families throughout the state.

Here, you may find out more about the group or contribute to their cause.

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