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Lewistown child passes away



Lewistown, Montana – The ten-year-old child was reported as unresponsive to the Lewistown Police Department (LPD) at 10 a.m. on Saturday, according to a statement they released.

Lewistown Fire, Lewistown Ambulance, and LPD all arrived on the scene right away. As soon as they got to the scene, CPR was started.

While they persisted in trying to revive the infant, the family tragically lost a dear one.

The child’s name and the name of the child’s family are being kept private while the incident is being looked into. The Fergus County Sheriff’s Office also provided support to LPD during the inquiry.

LPD wanted to thank every one of the responding agencies for their help.

Additionally, they asked that the family be kept in the community’s prayers and thoughts as they deal with this devastating event.


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