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Local craft fairs help artists and are a great place to get unusual presents



Kalispell, Montana – This time of year, there are many art exhibitions and Christmas bazaars that provide the chance to buy special presents for loved ones. But why shop at these events when you can get more affordable things from box stores?

“Supporting local people is probably all what it’s about. I mean, everything here is handmade. It’s made locally. And I think that, you know, people need to support the local businesses, the small businesses. The big box stores, I’m sure have stuff that’s probably cheaper, but it’s not handmade. So I think and I just kind of live in by Montana rules. You know, let’s make it and put it out there.” said Mimi O’Neill, Moo’n Photography.

A non-profit group called The Artists and Craftsmen of the Flathead supports regional artisans as they expand their small enterprises and hosts craft fairs all year long. With some of the money they raise, the ACF also aids other groups, supports schools, and offers scholarships.

“So it’s not just about us building our business. It’s also about helping the community,” said Lynn Krutzler, Sew Faithful.

The ACF supports artists in their efforts to share their work and generate revenue while simultaneously working to benefit the local community.

“Really every time I kind of get thrilled about it, and sometimes it’s hard to let some of my stuff go because I get kind of attached to it. But it’s kind of like just a really compliment and a nice thing to say, wow, I love it and now somebody else loves it,” said O’Neill.

It’s the Montana way, as some of the performers noted, to support locals, and these concerts provide a venue for that.

“These are all local people that are trying to do their business and we all need the support of people that come out. We have so many people that are talented in this show that you can’t find that kind of stuff in a in a box store so we really appreciate the business here,” said Krutzler.