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Car drives through Montana storefront



Montana – It seems like every year, a car somehow accidentally drives into a storefront.

During the winter, vehicles end up sliding into ditches, crashing into dividers, or sliding into other cars. Driving in Montana during the winter can be a bit hazardous; but how do you drive a car into a storefront? Something isn’t adding up.

A car drove into the front of the Ravalli Services Thrift Store in Hamilton, Montana. The car drove over stopping blocks and crashed through the front of the store. Luckily no one was injured, and the store is still open for business.

It blows my mind when something like this happens because I don’t understand how something could go so excessively wrong. And even more strange; these crashes have become a recurring thing in Montana.

In 2020, a man drove his car through a Super 1 Foods in Columbia Falls and destroyed two aisles. In 2019, a man in Bozeman crashed his vehicle into the front of the Post Office on Babcock. Several other similar instances have happened in addition to these.

We are thankful that no one was injured in any of these cases, and that in many cases, it’s just a simple accident. We do, however, hope everyone uses more caution moving forward.

Let’s not make this a yearly occurrence. That property damage will take months to fix and hurts the business. Please, this winter, make sure to get quality tires, brakes are good to go, and you are paying attention to where you’re driving.



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