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Magic City Power Sniffers



Billings, Montana – Dogs play a significant role in the lives of outdoor enthusiasts, from collecting dropped antlers to aiding in the harvest of your hunt. Currently, an organization in Billings is working to improve both your relationship with your furry friend and your canine skills.

“Literally every dog can do it,” proclaimed Sienna Bell from Magic City Power Sniffers. “Some may take a little more work. Some may not be interested. We may need to find what is most rewarding for your dog, but literally, every dog was a hunter at some point of some sort.”

The Magic City Power Sniffers, who are employed by Dog Tag Facilities in Billings Heights and are a part of the NASDA, are prepared to unleash your dog’s hunting potential.

“This isn’t search and rescue,” explained Sharon Flemetis. “This isn’t searching for drugs with the cop dogs. You know, this is fun.”

This organization is all about promoting a greater tie between you and your four-legged friend, whether you go on to compete in a national dog competition or just enjoy forging a stronger relationship with your dog.

“This has also helped people, too,” said Flemetis. “I mean it’s helped me com out of my shell that I had before.”


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