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MetraPark’s new general manager has been announced



Billings, Montana – County Commissioners chose Mr. Stoney Field as the next general manager of MetraPark from among 37 contenders.

Mr. Field not only intends to bring entertainment events but also more ag-related events and trade exhibits to Billings, according to City Commissioner Jon Ostlund.

Ostlund stated that the community ultimately voted to keep Metra managed openly after the county took several years to decide whether they wanted to manage it publicly or privately.

Fields is now completing his final few weeks as the director of the fairgrounds and events at the Montrose County Fairgrounds in Colorado. Field’s background in agriculture, in particular, will bring more visitors to upcoming events in the Magic City, according to Commissioner Ostlund.

“I believe that we do good with everything down at MetraPark. We are good at trade shows, we’re good with concerts we are good with all the events and helping the public out and we are going to do better with AG, we’ve always done good, but we’re going to do better.” Said Ostlund.

Although agriculture is one of the main sectors in Yellowstone County, Field continued, he views endeavors like this as more of a learning experience and wants to support activities that appeal to people from all walks of life.

“I know agriculture in and of itself cannot run a facility that large, you have to be able to entertain in a number of diverse situations from concerts, to motorsports, to just about anything you can think of. That’s the only way the revenue generation truly makes sense as far as agriculture, I’ll look and see where the shortcoming is, and in my experience, I’m confident that I will fulfill some of those.” Stoney said

Field, who will begin in his new position as MetraPark’s general manager on August 7th, expressed his gratitude and humility for the chance.

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