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More federal employees sent to Billings to help with Covid-19 outbreak



More federal employees sent to Billings to help with Covid-19 outbreak

Billings, Montana – More than 20 additional federal employees have arrived at Billings Clinic in two teams to assist the hospital in dealing with the Covid-19 outbreak in the region.

According to the clinic, an eight-person crew of US Public Health Service nurses arrived at the hospital on Friday, Nov. 5, and are already treating patients. The team is assisting with Covid-19 duties, such as testing, monoclonal antibody therapy, and immunizations, as well as relieving and helping the hospital’s Covid testing unit and others.

A second team of nearly 20 US Navy medical personnel came to assist with patient care, including doctors, nurses, and respiratory therapists on Tuesday.

Both teams will stay at the Billings Clinic for 30 days.

Yellowstone County has been in the center of the Covid-19 crisis during the most current wave, putting a strain on hospitals and employees. According to RiverStone Health, the county’s public health agency, 114 patients were hospitalized with Covid-19 in the two Billings hospitals as of Tuesday. According to RiverStone, 35 of them were in intensive care and 21 were on ventilators.

94 people in the hospital were not vaccinated against Covid-19, while 20 were fully immunized.

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