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MSU, Bozeman Gold Rush prep



Bozeman, Montana – We want to make sure you have all you need for a great first football game of the season with Gold Rush vs MSU this Saturday.

Saturday’s Bobcat Stadium kickoff versus Utah Tech is 6 p.m.

Whether it’s their first or last Gold Rush, students and fans are excited.

“I’m looking forward to, like, the student atmosphere seeing because I know in high school it’s pretty crazy, So I can only imagine what it’s like in college,” said freshman Meagan Edwards.

“Honestly, I just love that it’s one of the first main events of the school year again, and everybody gets super amped up, you know, we all get out there. Gold Rush. Want to see everybody just wrapped in the gold and kind of a sea of everybody, we are just ready to be back from new year,” said senior Hunter Lien.

Billings residents can watch the game on ABC even though tickets are sold out.

Elk, Bobcat, and Wolf parking lots serve stadiumgoers. Lots 15, 20, and 25 are tailgating-only. Saturday from 2 to 11 p.m., Kagy Boulevard near the stadium will be closed.

The stadium also allows clear bags. Purses, totes, and backpacks are prohibited, and clear bags must be 12 x 6 x12.

This year’s gold t-shirt, designed by MSU alum LoRae Hartman, is required to join the sea of gold.

There are still venues to view the game without tickets.

The Rocking R Bar, Crystal Bar, and Spectators Sports Bar and Grill in Bozeman will show the game.

Rocking R Bar’s first Alumni Friday tailgating begins Friday night behind the bar. They’re giving away 125 free t-shirts, and the party will continue on Saturday with brunch, the game, and the fifth quarter celebration, said bar general manager Tim Benson.

“When you get all the members of the community in here, that’s all rallied around the same sports team, the same school, the same campus, the same students that we all are. There’s just no other feeling like it. It’sjust great. It’s excitement, It’s fun,” Benson said.
Every football season, Rocking R Bar offers watch parties.

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