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New flight school to take off in Billings



Billings, Montana – With their inexpensive flight school that provides training from Veterans in a variety of ways to help you move closer to your goal, Leatherneck Aviation is crushing dreams.

Jacob Schneller, a third-generation pilot, has spent his whole life among airports, hangars, and aircraft.

Jacob claims that it, “ran in my family… got into my blood and it’s all I ever wanted to do. So, I’ve always been flying as far back as I can remember.”

Jacob intends to return the flight school to its foundational principles while using his 1940s Cessna 120 tail wheel aircraft.

He achieves this by bringing back the traditional method by which many people learned to fly.

Jacob said, “this is how we used to do it back in the 50’s and 60’s you’d go up to an airport, find a flight school and start flying with a flight instructor.”

When questioned why students should choose his school over institutional training like Rocky Mountain College and other Universities offer, Jacob said that Leatherneck Aviation will, “offer the same ratings everyone else does but at a lower cost.”

He went on to explain the hands-on aspect of his school and said that he likes “to bring in teaching from a younger standpoint, and all my C.F.I’s and future C.F.I.’s I’d like to teach myself.”

Via his school, Jacob wishes to encourage everybody who has ever dreamed of flying to actually fly.

Mostly because he thinks that the principles of flying have been gradually vanishing.

Jacob said that, “flying is this romantic idea… and I want to keep that alive.”

The certification process for the school is now being completed by Leatherneck Aviation, but Jacob anticipates beginning his teaching career in the air within a week or two.


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