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North Park’s new master plan is presented by B.I.R.D.



Billings, Montana – Recently, a $143 million Parks and Rec Bond that would have built a new community center there was attached to a referendum question in November that included money for the park.

Even though the bond failed, North Park is currently undergoing improvements that will include a new playground, pavilion, and some updates to the existing community center.

The upgrades have so far been funded by donations and past fundraising campaigns.

However, the B.I.R.D., or Billings Industrial Revitalization District, claims they have more plans in store.

Director of the B.I.R.D., Michelle Harkins says that they “want to keep investing in our parks, they should be a safe place for families, kids basically anyone of any age, to gather to be a part of the community to exercise. And when we let them run their course or don’t keep up with maintaining them, they don’t end up being that community space that safe place that place we bring our kids our dogs our families but by doing this and helping the parks department and the city we are helping the parks stay safe and updated because this community around North Park is evolving and we are going to evolve with it, and become what it needs to stay relevant and important to the area around it and Billings as a community. ”

Harkins went on to explain why these updates were so important and timely for the park, she said that “through the chamber, the police department and the BIRD we established that those unutilized areas help attract unwanted activity to the park and by amplifying the park with this activity, it’s going to bring more community members to the park and detract unwanted activity, pushing out that unwanted activity and bringing more people to the park to see the beauty of the park and elevate North Park as it should be, as one of the oldest parks in Billings. ”

The city council was shown the most recent version of B.I.R.D.’s master plan for North Park.

which now features a new disc golf course and a dog park.

On November 29, from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m., the project team will hold an open house at the Billings Public Library where the public is welcome to attend and offer feedback on the proposal.

If you are unable to attend the open house, you may still have your say by filling out this survey, which will be available until January 5, 2024.





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