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YesterYears Antique Mall prepares for move



Billings, Montana – A downtown store that has been owned by the community for many years—most recently known as YesterYears Antique Mall—is scheduled to close and be replaced by a new establishment.

For almost twenty years, YesterYears has been located at the corner building on South 29th Street in the downtown area. It was one of four companies tucked inside when it first opened.

The mall has grown to include all three levels and the whole structure since the Kramer family took ownership. Additionally, the number of vendors available in the area has been doubled.

However, the mall will shortly move owing to a property agreement with the Downtown Billings Partnership.

YesterYears Manager, Austin Kramer, says the mall “just wants to get the word out and let people know that we aren’t closing, we are just moving. And the new location is honestly going to be even cooler than this one. This building has a lot of history, and a lot has happened here, but a lot of people mistake use for the Hart-Albin Building when they come in and that’s because nothing has been in the Hart-Albin Building for a couple of decades now, so we will be bringing retail back to a place that hasn’t had it in a very long time.”

its current location will be just across the street from its new home base, housed in the historic Hart-Albin Building. It will take several months before the Broadway and 2nd Avenue skyscraper is open to the public.

According to Kramer, they will be remodeling the area and adding bathrooms over the course of the following three months.

For the next two months, they will continue to conduct business at their current site. Kramer adds, though, that the community is now more in need of assistance with clearing out inventories. to ease everyone’s adjustment and relocation during this time.




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