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Over the weekend of Halloween, MSU alerts students to instances of “sexual assault and sexual misbehavior”



Montana – After the Halloween holiday, Montana State informed students of many allegations of sexual assault.

“I was surprised and disappointed just because I have been out to the frats before and I haven’t seen anything like that happen,” says MSU Student Ashley George.

“I actually just read it in my last class honestly, I wasn’t very surprised,” says MSU Student Lucy Schroder.

Students reactions to the news, which many of them claim occurs throughout the year, have been conflicted.

“I have heard about it going on before, it’s more within the first month of school if I hear anything at all about it,” says George.

Students were informed of the inappropriate behavior that occurred at parties over the weekend in an email that was sent out on Thursday. The institution warns students in the email about the dangers of gatherings and that intoxication is no defense for sexual assault. The email continued by stating that it is against the law and MSU policy to force sexual contact on someone who is unconscious due to drugs or alcohol and is unable to give consent.

“Through the use of a timely warning email of sexual violence and sexual misconduct that was reported at a number of social gatherings over the Halloween weekend,” says MSU News Service Director, Michael Becker.

The university made no comments regarding the quantity or source of the reports.

“These incidents are under investigation with our Office of Institutional Equity and the university police department,” says Becker.

Sigma Alpha Epsilon was the last fraternity at Montana State to receive three years of sanctioning back in 2018. It’s unclear at this time whether any display action will be moved ahead.

“It’s premature to talk about sanctions against any particular fraternity houses or any particular organizations or students,” says Becker.

Students claim that when they go outside, they are cautious.

“If we all go out together, we all stay together and we don’t go off with somebody by ourselves,” says George.

MSU advises calling the Office of Institutional Equity at 406-992-2042 or MSU Police at 406-994-2121 if you have any information.

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