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Helena hosted a forum on tribal business, leadership, and economic development



Helena, Montana – At the Best Western Hotel in Helena on Wednesday, the Governor’s Summit on Tribal Business, Leadership, and Economic Development was held.

Indigenous people came from all throughout the state to the celebration.

The purpose of the event was to stimulate and promote income that may be generated locally in indigenous regions, thus they talked about entrepreneurial ideas and businesses.

“There are tribes from virtually every corner of the state and entrepreneurs from several of the tribes. So, they’re bringing different experiences, and different ideas together. And I think that’s the key. It’s building on the traditions and culture of the specific tribes which differ greatly. And using, building on that foundation as a way of building up the economy from the ground up,” says Senior Fellow at the Hoover Institution at Stanford University, Terry Anderson.

On Wednesday morning, Gov. Greg Gianforte gave a speech to help introduce the day’s activities.

Tuff Harris, a former NFL player of Crow and Northern Cheyenne heritage, Rebekah Jarvey, a designer and fashion show coordinator of Chippewa, Cree, and Blackfeet descent, and Sharon Small, the PPCD executive director, were among the other speakers.