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Owner of Bozeman Taco Time warns that tough times may lead to closure



Bozeman, Montana – Bozeman’s Taco Time has been operating since 1975, although the proprietor claims that business has recently been difficult.

About 20 years ago, Steve Adams bought Taco Time on Main Street in Bozeman.

However, they have a history that dates back to 1981.

“I was 12 years old, just doing odd jobs, painting, running orders out,” said Adams. “Then I started working here and eventually wanted to own it.”

In 2002, he bought the building and company.

“At the age of 31,” said Adams.

Adams claims that things have altered since then.

“The previous owner, my mentor, used to say, ‘if you’ve got time to lean, you’ve got time to clean’ and there really wasn’t any time to lean—ever,” said Adams.

But now… “We do a lot of standing and watching traffic,” said Adams.

Adams is now forced to close the company and sell the property since she has no other choice.

“It’s sad because I have grandmas and grandpas that I knew and their kids, and then their kids are still coming to Taco Time,” said Adams.

Taco Time can’t survive on the income from its regular customers alone.

“I just think the culture around Bozeman has changed with people moving in and out,” said Adams. “When Taco Time first opened in 1975 it was going gangbusters.”

According to Adams, that was until the recession of 2008, “and then it has just been a steady decline ever since.”

Adams claims that Taco Time needs some assistance from the neighborhood while looking for a new buyer.

“Just come see us and have lunch with us for now,” said Adams. “I can be open for dinner and I am open for dinner on Friday nights, so.”

Taco Time is open at the following hours:

• M-Th: 10-4
• Friday: 10-7
• Sat.: 10-3

“I just hope they keep the building so I can look at it,” said Adams. “I would not want to watch it get demolished.”


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