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Parade in Butte honors youngster battling cancer



Butte, Montana – A small youngster in Butte has been battling cancer, but physicians are powerless to help him. First responders and numerous Butte residents stepped out to express that they support this courageous young child.

“He’s put up such a strong fight and I like to believe in the back of my mind that’s he’s going to keep going,” says Home Atherton Volunteer Firefighter Jeremiah LeCoure.

On November 12, a procession was conducted in honor of 7-year-old cancer patient Michael “Hulk” Schow. In a show of solidarity, ambulance, search and rescue, and fire departments drove down Harrison Avenue.

“He loves all things firefighters, all things police. I mean, just being in his house today the stuff he’s got in his room is phenomenal, badges and flags,” says LeCoure.

Even individuals who had never encountered Hulk before lined the street to show their support.

“I could never imagine what the family is going through, but to know that Butte tough is always going to be there for them,” said spectator Markell Kazmierczak.

Hulk’s family is friends with Janeece August, who has been setting up fundraisers to assist with the mounting medical costs. The crowds that attended the parade and the procession itself moved her.

“This whole town is amazing. There’s no place on earth like Butte. I’m just in awe of this town always, and I really appreciate everyone coming forward to help him and his mom and dad through this. So thank you all so much,” said August.