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Parents in Park City learned about the school incident two weeks later



Park City, Montana – Parents in Park City claim they were not alerted of a serious school threat.

The Park City School District said that an elementary school student threatened his teacher and classmates.

According to Superintendent Dan Grabowska, there was no threat and parents wanted to know about the situation sooner.

Everyone involved emphasizes the need for communication.

Grabowska posted on Facebook: “this is a situation where the school could have done a better job of communicating its processes to the public.”

A parent noticed a report from the Stillwater County Sheriff’s Office in the Laurel Outlook claiming that a juvenile guy allegedly threatened to shoot up the school and kill fellow kids.

Many others learned about the incident on Facebook.

According to Grabowska, a young elementary school pupil threatened a teacher.

According to Grabowska, the administration and the school resource officer assessed that it was never an issue or a threat.

He claims that clearing the classroom is standard procedure for de-escalating a problem.

A member of the school board encouraged parents to attend meetings by posting on Facebook.

“I would agree that the communication with this situation was poor after hearing about it for the first time today,”
Jonathan Alegria commented in response to the school district’s post. “I don’t believe that keeping any information from parents and students was any goal or any attempt at deceit. I believe that the administration was just trying to handle the situation.”

Even still, some parents voiced anxiety about learning about the incident on Facebook.

“They did address the issue,” said Michelle Perlick, who has a child in the schools. “What it didn’t alleviate for me was what would happen if something more serious happened. In the future, I would hope that it wouldn’t be two weeks after the event, I would hope that it would be within a few days of the event when they’ve come up to it with a resolution for the situation.”

Grabowska stated that privacy and not identifying the student were vital in a small school.