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The Bozeman City Commission approves the proposed Canyon Gate development



Bozeman, Montana – On the north side of Bozeman, a vacant piece of land might soon undergo construction. Canyon Gate is one step closer to becoming a reality, but the neighborhood complains that Bridger Drive traffic is already too congested and that a new development might make it even worse.

“My husband and I are, we are considering moving and we probably won’t be able to move anywhere else in Bozeman because we won’t be able to afford it,” said Bozeman resident Kareen Erbe.

Erbe has spent her entire life on the north side of Bozeman. She resides close to the 24-acre development project.

“It’s right across the road from where we live. Yeah, so I’ve been following,” said Erbe.

470 housing units are anticipated for the project, with about 60 set aside for workforce housing. The 24 acres would be divided into 15 lots, with three parks, shops, condominiums, duplexes, and fourplexes included.

“In my opinion, a lot of the housing that’s going to go in that canyon gate development, it’s not going to be affordable,” said Erbe.

Residents who live close to the planned construction voiced their worries about the stormwater in the region at the Commission meeting on Tuesday night. An underground stormwater system is in the plans, according to the developer HomeBase.

“My big concern, as it relates to flooding, is their pipe system. It is designed to carry the 100-year flood,” said one Bozeman resident.

Residents’ main issue on Tuesday nights was the traffic on Story Mill Road and Bridger Drive, which will become better this summer.

“It’s a terrifying intersection to get across and you have this beautiful bike path and lots of kids and families that live across the street,” said a Bozeman resident.

“Of course, safety but the speed on Bridger Drive is 45 miles per hour,” said Erbe.

Erbe asserts that while change is inevitable, she would prefer to see more moderate change.

“It’s not like I want to be unwelcoming but it’s just becoming less and less affordable for people to live here,” said Erbe.

The preliminary evaluation was approved by a 5 to 0 decision of city commissioners. A final choice won’t be made right away.

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