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Professors of science from Montana comment on recent UFO encounters



Billings, Montana – Two MSU-Billings physics professors are speculating about the nature of three unexplained objects that were detected over the course of the weekend over the United States, including one in Montana close to Havre.

They are unable to identify the objects with certainty, but they are certain that they are not extraterrestrial.

“People’s fears, people’s conspiracy theories, they’re going to spread with the speed that’s completely unprecedented 20 years ago,” said MSU-Billings assistant professor Dr. Steven Wiles.

Since they have both studied astronomy since they were young children, Wiles and Dr. Stuart Snyder of MSU-B are accustomed to talking about unidentified objects. “As long as it’s not carrying a nuclear warhead, let’s not get too bent out of shape about it,” Snyder said.

But the federal government’s lack of responses isn’t helping.

“There is no, again, no indication of aliens or extraterrestrial activity with these recent takedowns,” said White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre.

In a briefing at the White House on Monday, Jean-Pierre responded to the query that so many people have been asking.

The commander of North American Aerospace Defense Command’s quote is followed by her own.

“I’ll let the intel community and the counter-intelligence community figure that out. I haven’t ruled out anything,” said General Glen VanHerck on Sunday.

VanHerck did note that the object seen near Havre this past weekend and later shot down over Lake Huran in Michigan was not a balloon, as was the one seen over Montana a week before, but rather had an octagonal shape.

“That was clearly a balloon. These are objects. I’m not able to categorize how they stay aloft,” VanHerck said.

Professors Wiles and Snyder from MSU-Billings speculate that the objects are nothing new despite not truly knowing what they are.

“I imagine there’s quite a lot floating around and only now that the military has started to really pay attention have we started to see, wow there’s quite a few of these things. And we don’t know where they’re coming from,” Wiles said.

They do, however, concur that it is improbable that those objects may be extraterrestrial.

“To think that they’re aliens visiting us from another planet. It’s ridiculous, frankly, it’s flat-out ridiculous,” said Snyder.

However, since the federal government has not provided many answers, conspiracy theories and speculative thinking are likely to persist.


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