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Public access to Skyline Trail begins officially



Billings, Montana – After months of preparation, the enchanted city celebrated the Skyline Trail’s official opening on December 7.

However, the trail’s groundbreaking took place soon before March 20–23, and for nine months, several workers labored almost nonstop to pave the stretch of the Rims with parking spaces and paved walkways.

The city of Billings is also aware that both locals and visitors will benefit in the long run from this extensive effort.

Director of Billings Planning and Community Services, Wyeth Friday says that “just the ability to better showcase and bring people up to the Rims and to also then be able to recreate up here as well. Get off the airplanes right across the road from me and now come down sit on a bench walk on the trail, look out over the city, and get a sense of what our community looks like, what it feels like and see the mountains and see kind of what Montana is. So, it just brings b people to an accessible part of the city that we just didn’t have the ability to do before.”

A ribbon-cutting ceremony marked the official opening of the Skyline Trail to the public.

At the event, officials from the state and the city praised the achievement.

The city of Billings is aware that there is still more work to be done on the route, though.




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