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Rimrock Mall and downtown Billings, popular locations for last-minute holiday shoppers



Billings, Montana – The Rimrock Mall in Billings had a busy day on Saturday taking care of last-minute Christmas customers because it is the season of giving.

Due to the eight to ten percent increase in consumer goods prices this year, many customers will put off buying gifts in order to pay other obligations.

In a separate news release, Adobe predicted that from November 1 to December 31, online sales of consumer products will total $209.7 billion, representing a 2.5% increase from the previous year.

Many people put off buying Christmas presents until the very last minute due to the development of online shopping and the need for consumers to stick to budgets due to inflation.

On Saturday, shoppers were seen lining up at the Rimrock Mall in Billings to make purchases.

On Saturday, Chase Watters was buying hoodies at a screen-printing shop at the mall as gifts.

Watters responded that he was simply glad to be able to buy gifts right now when questioned why he waited to make a purchase.

“Not really delays in shipping, just personal things you know. It happens. Getting it done today finally,” Watters said. “It’s Christmas, it’s the gift of giving, you know?”

Others had a big list to cross off, like Demetrius Brown.

“Just doing some last-minute Christmas shopping, you know, the last-minute late timing,” Demetrius Brown said on Saturday. “Just getting my personal needs and stuff as well as for the family, the little ones.”

Owners of businesses were looking forward to what the day might bring.

“Today we’ve had quite a few walkers in the mall and a few stopped by, so we’re looking forward to a good day,” said Brian Brown, the owner of Chalet Market.

According to Brian Brown, the market has a kiosk inside the mall, and its goods make excellent Christmas presents.

“This year (our most popular item) seems to be our buffalo, our buffalo is selling really hot this year,” Brian Brown said.

Additionally, shoppers were making a few last-minute purchases in downtown Billings.

On Saturday, Kenn Patterson said he was going to leave town to visit family and needed to pick up a few more things.

“We actually live downtown, but we’re getting ready to leave to go to Glendive to see some family and just picking up our last few gift ideas that we had,” Patterson explained. “I think it’s just really cold right now, so I think (other shoppers are) going to start coming down. It looks like they’re already starting to filter down a bit. It should be a good day of shopping downtown.”

While holiday shopping may not have been prioritized this year, Billings residents are appreciative of the availability of establishments like the Rimrock Mall and downtown Billings.

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