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School bus drivers needed at transportation contractor in Billings area



Billings, Montana – The transportation contractor for public schools in Billings and Lockwood, First Student, will be hiring bus drivers.

“All summer long we continue to recruit, and we can never have enough bus drivers, so we continue to recruit year around,” the Billings location manager for First Student, Larry Fielding said.

The transportation contractor officials say they would love to have 160 bus drivers working for them as they had only 136 drivers last year.

Bus drivers need to undergo a three-week training to get a Commercial Driver’s License and pay starts at $17.75 an hour.

The three-week training is done by First Student in Billings in order to help drivers prepare for handling dozens of students at once.

“It’s a split shift, a couple hours in the morning, a couple hours in the afternoon. There are some routes that have a midday route so they could have an hour or two midday as well, but we guarantee 20 hours a week,” Fielding said.

Anyone interested is invited to the hiring event of First Student on July 30.

Attendants will drive a bus under First Student instructor supervision.