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State officials speak out over a Chinese spy balloon above Montana



Billings, Montana – Over Latin America, there has reportedly been another Chinese balloon.

It has been determined that the item spotted Wednesday floating over the Billings region was an intelligence balloon, very definitely launched by the People’s Republic of China.

After seeing aircraft pass over her home late on Friday, a woman in Billings uploaded a video of what she claimed to be an explosion to Twitter. The video has millions of views and is popular all around the world.

There hasn’t been any confirmation of an explosion over the state or the city of Billings, according to Senator Steve Danes. Following his chat with the governor, he was given this affirmation.

State Senator Kenneth Bogner introduced legislation early last week in response to worries that China and other hostile nations would buy agricultural land in the state of Montana.

Following this week’s security threat, according to Bogner, he will strive to hasten the passage of the bill through the state house.

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