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The best place in Montana to spend a day with your family



Montana – It can be hard to plan a day out with the family in Montana. The weather is always changing, and depending on where you live, there aren’t that many fun things to do inside. But we know the best place to go when you want to have fun and not worry.

When I was a kid in Montana, my parents used any reason they could to plan trips for the whole family. My parents wanted my siblings and me to see as much of Montana as possible. We went swimming in Flathead Lake and skied on Big Mountain.

Love Exploring made a list of the Best Family Day Out in Your State, and the choice for Montana is unique. The Museum of the Rockies is the best thing to do with your family on a day trip to Montana.

The Museum of the Rockies is an important part of the Bozeman area and a great place for kids and adults to visit. If your kids love dinosaurs, they can spend hours at the Museum of the Rockies. As an adult, you will be fascinated by all the interesting facts about how people used to live in Montana.

There are also changing exhibits at the Museum of the Rockies that range from art to history and are very unique. The Taylor Planetarium is another great part of the museum and a great way to spend your time there. You can keep going back to the Museum of the Rockies because the exhibits and planetarium shows change all the time.

The Miracle of America Museum in Polson is the only other museum in Montana that can compete with the Museum of the Rockies. This huge museum honors everything from the Old West in Montana to things from many wars. I’ve been going to this museum since I was a kid, and you could spend days there and not see everything.

If your family doesn’t like museums, Lewis & Clark Caverns is a great place to go for a day trip. It’s a one-of-a-kind state park where you can walk through a beautiful cave and see strange things that nature has made. When it’s really hot outside and you want to stay cool, the caverns are a great place to go.

Check out one of these places the next time you and your family are trying to decide what to do for a day trip. Your whole family might even have some fun.